24 Jun. 22

How Hard Water Effects Hair & Skin- Dryness, Damage & More

How Hard Water Effects Hair & Skin: Dryness, Damage & More

Hard water. You’ve probably heard this term thrown round, but what does it without a doubt mean? Tough water occurs when minerals — magnesium and calcium, especially — collect. In San Antonio the majority of water is very hard. 7 is hard, 10 is extreme and 14 is off the charts. Now the people who are getting the new pipeline water from East Texas wow they have it wonderful. The city seems to move around the nice water a little. But the rest of us we get water off the charts. If you have the hard water. You know it. Within days your hair shows it., dry dull. Your skin between the hardness and the chlorine you feel like a alligator skin. Lotion lotion, lotion.