Is your water safe to drink?

Is your water safe to drink?

All cities must post a water quality report, safe water to you and safe water to them could mean different things. Cities only have a minimum standard to meet and that may not be what you want for your family. If you drink a glass of water from the tap, no it will not hurt you, but it will taste horrible. The chlorine, or chloramine they put in it to get it from their facility to your house tastes horrible. We always say if you like your water you will drink more water. Every one’s taste buds are different, what you taste in water some one else may not. Some people can tell the difference between different bottle water companies.

A whole house filter is a one stage system it will filter out the chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, and organics. Your refrigerator has a filter with carbon in it. That is why it tastes better than the tap water. A whole house filter will remove from every faucet in the house. Most important from your bathing water no chemicals in your lungs and none on your skin. Basically, brings your water the city gives you back to “Water”.  Now when you drink your water from the tap many people like it So, is it safe to drink?. For many people will say “Yes” but it does still have a lot in it.

A reverse osmosis is what you want if you are very conscientious about what you are drinking. A reverse osmosis usually has 5 or 6 different filters will go through. One being a membrane, water goes through a membrane very slow and it removes 97.5% of everything. It puts the good water in the storage tank and discards the ugly stuff. A true reverse osmosis has a storage tank since it takes time to make reverse osmosis water. That is why the tank has the reserve. For people who are looking for very clean water a reverse osmosis is the way to go. This is the same process large bottle water companies use, just shrunk up under the kitchen cabinet.  Bottle quality water made at your house. No more heavy cases or jugs to deal with.

You can add a UV light to the reverse osmosis if you feel like the city water has bacteria. Usually when a city discovers bacteria, they make you boil the water. Many people feel like those issues do not happen here often. Then you have others who are sensitive to these things and find when adding the UV light, they can minimize their own personal issues. There are small ones to add to the reverse osmosis and then there is larger ones to do all water coming into the house.

We have had customers that drink straight from the tap and like it. Then we have others that go as far as adding everything.  Do your own research and see what you want for your family and what you consider safe. My opinion you can drink from the tap in our area if you can stand the taste. Which I cannot. I am blessed to be a very healthy person and do not have issues others might have. I do not have the sensitive taste buds either. Taste the water and drink what you like.

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