Tips to select the right Company and Water Softener for your home in San Antonio.

Tips to select the right Company and Water Softener for your home in San Antonio.

When looking for a Water Softener Company do your research on whom you are buying from. It is a large ticket item and a lot will just want the initial sale and be gone. Check the BBB, if they claim in business 20 years the BBB should reflect it. Look at the Google reviews if in business for so long why only 10 reviews. How many names have they worked under. When you called did they answer phone or send you to a voice mail. If you leave a message “I need repairs, do they call you back?”.  Remember the salesman at your house is probably only getting paid if he sales you a Water Softener unit. He will never see you again. Be sure the company you buy from does repairs. Plumbers will install but usually do not repair. Finally, Do they have an office you can find them at?

Now, when you buying a Water Softener in San Antonio the first you have to look at the valve, tank and resin. The valve is the most important part and be sure it is metered (most digital valves today are), this will make it work more efficiently. Check where is it manufactured, assembled in America does not mean it was built in America. There is a lot of cheaper valves but the old phrase “You get what you pay for” is so true in the water softener valve industry. The tank it comes in different qualities so make sure you are getting the best. Also, resin is so important know exactly what grade you are getting since it is not all alike. 

High quality is what you are looking for in Water Softener components. San Antonio has three places that assembles waters softeners to the specifications of those ordering the units.

1. Make sure you purchase the right sized system for your house. Remember, the size you get should depend on your water flow rate of your home and water hardness levels in your area.

2. Know the difference between a water softener and a water conditioner. A water softener uses salt, softens the water. Brings the level of hardness down to below two. Only soft water comes into your house. A water conditioner (salt free) conditions the water, keeps it from sticking. You have 16 grain hard water then water from the shower head, into the laundry and your hair is still 16 grains hard.

3. Consider not just price, do your research. What are you truly getting. Research each component on Water Softeners.

3. Check for Business Reviews. 63% of consumers say they are likely to check reviews on Google before call or visit a business.

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