We carry parts for Fleck, Alamo and Clack.  Residential and commercial Units.

*Pistons    (Upper & Lower)

* Seals and Spacers

*Brine Pistons

*Meter Dome



Cation Resin 8% and  10%

*Coconut Carbon and Catalytic


Brine Tanks

*15” x 17”     18” x 33”       18* x 40”

Resin Tanks:  Available Cone and Gravel or Votech

*All sizes available:  9” x 48”   10” x 54”     thru 30” x 72”


*Big Blue Filter Housings 2.5” x 10”   2.5” x 20”    4” x 10”    4” x 20”

*Carbon Filters

*Sediment Filters

*Alkaline Filters

Need a special part give us a call and we will see if we can help you.  We can order your parts and have them shipped to you.