People from all over the world come to the City of New Braunfels to enjoy your clean clear water. A day of fun. The people who live in New Braunfels also realize that water is actually very hard water. At Simple Water Softeners, we want to help you to enjoy your water and love it as much as those who come to visit you. We can help you get the water you desire for your family. If you have city water or well water we are here to help you. Abel a Class Three Water Technician certified by the State of Texas is knowledgeable on both. We are conveniently located to New Braunfels and Canyon Lake.
We are a water softener company saving home owners money on high quality systems professionally installed with fantastic service after the sale. Call us we will give you a quote over phone and you will get the sales commission deducted from the price. We encourage our customers to come by and see our equipment set up in showroom. We will be happy to go over all your options and answer all questions. We give enough information in a phone call quote that you can do your own research into all the parts of our softener. After researching the components you will realize Simple is providing a much better unit than others and the price is saving you hundreds sometimes as much as a thousand dollars. We are just trying to make it Simple.



  • Simple Water Softeners, What Makes It Simple?
  • Simple Goal: To supply you with the highest quality water for the most competitive price.
  • Simple Options: Standard water softener package options to make buying easy.
  • Simple Savings: Preset cost for each option. There are no hidden fees or cost.
  • Simple Installation: Certified, experienced, and friendly technician will promptly install.
  • Simple Warranty: Just give us a call, we take care of it.
  • Simple Maintenance: We supply all the materials to keep the unit running smoothly for years to come. Homeowner just adds regenerate (salt or potassium) once a month.
  • Simple Water Softeners. The Simple choice.