Simple 80K Best Water Softener System for Home in San Antonio Texas

You wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to the comfort and health of your family. That’s why you need the finest water softener system for your home. Imagine being free from the troubles of hard water; no more stained dishes, faded clothes, or dry skin and hair. With this top-tier 80K Best Water Softener System for Home in San Antonio Texas, not only will you enjoy crystal clear, softened water, but you’ll also extend the lifespan of your appliances.

The Key Differences Between Water Softeners for Small and Large Families


When choosing a water softener for your home, the size of your family is a crucial factor you cannot overlook. You, like many others, may wonder: “What’s the difference between a water softener for a small family and a large one?” Let’s delve into the essential elements that make each option unique.

The primary difference between water softeners for small and large families lies in their capacity. A family’s size directly corresponds to the amount of water consumed daily. Naturally, a larger family will require a water softener with a higher grain capacity to support their water usage needs.

For a small family of about 1-3 members, a water softener with a capacity of 32000-40000 grains is usually sufficient. This capacity allows the system to manage the lower level of water consumption typically found in smaller households.

On the other hand, a larger family of 5 or more members may require a unit with a capacity of 48000 grains or more. The increased capacity is necessary to handle the higher water usage that characteristically comes with a larger family. Such a system ensures that the water remains soft and free from mineral buildup that could affect water-based appliances and plumbing fixtures.

Another significant difference is the rate of water regeneration. Water softeners for small families often have a lower regeneration rate as they deal with lower water consumption levels. These units typically regenerate once every few days, leading to less water and salt usage, thus being more cost and energy-efficient.

Conversely, large family water softeners must regenerate more frequently due to the high volume of water they treat. This higher frequency inevitably leads to a higher operational cost. However, it’s a necessary trade-off to maintain a constant supply of softened water for a large family’s needs.

Physical size is also a consideration. Water softeners for small families tend to be compact, taking up less space in your home. Large family water softeners, due to their higher capacities, are often physically larger and require more installation space.

Lastly, larger water softeners typically come with a higher price tag due to their advanced features and superior capacities. However, this investment ensures that your household never runs out of soft water, protecting your appliances and plumbing system from the damaging effects of hard water.

In conclusion, the difference between a water softener for a small family and a large family lies in capacity, regeneration rates, physical size, and price. Understanding the unique needs of your household will help you make an informed decision when choosing a water softener. Remember, choosing the right water softener is not about the size of your family alone but also about your household’s unique water consumption habits and needs.

Order your 80K Best Water Softener System for Home if your water consumption is high or request a free consultation with us to find out which one is best for you.

Simple 80K - The Best Water Softener System for Home in San Antonio Texas or Wherever you Are!

Don’t just accept what comes out of your faucet; take control and demand the best with our exceptional 80K Best Water Softener System for Home. This is more than just a purchase; it’s an investment in your home’s future, promising hassle-free maintenance and unparalleled performance Upgrade your home and life today.

  1. Soft Water Hose Bib at softener $85.
  2. Stainless Steel Jacket $135.
  3. Add A Whole House Filter to remove the chemicals from your water.
  4. Add a Reverse Osmosis to get bottle quality water.

Best Water Softener System for Home in San Antonio Texas - Simple 80K

Clack Valve: Take pride in owning a top-notch, U.S. made Clack valve. Born from the heart of Wisconsin in 1946, the Clack Corporation has gained a global reputation for its masterful creation and distribution of first-class water treatment devices and components. The supply-on-demand metering system offers you the advantage of triggering regeneration only when required, minimizing maintenance. Each of our models has the support of a battery backup and utilizes a sturdy solid-state microprocessor. Since there’s no components exclusivity, virtually every industry professional can service this valve. This budget-friendly system is crafted for effortless upkeep and can reliably serve you for more than twelve years. Our valves surpass industry norms with a 1″ flow throughout (GPM 27, drop PSI 15). We include our superior 8% crosslink resin as standard, offering you the choice to upgrade to 10% resin for extended durability.

Should the slick feel of soft water not be to your liking, ask us about our 10% resin solution.

Enpress Tank: Our Enpress tanks stand out as one of the water industry’s finest, exceeding similar tanks by 20% in durability. They feature a unique, U.S. made liner assembly built from elite copolymer polypropylene, exclusive to our industry.

We vouch for the dependability of our equipment and strive unceasingly for your complete satisfaction. With a Simple Water Softener, we aim to deliver a smooth, hassle-free experience. Any servicing needed under warranty will be fully covered by us, with all the necessary paperwork taken care of.

Embarking on your journey towards superior water quality couldn’t be easier. Just reach out to us for a price estimate, conduct your own research, and rest assured knowing no concealed sales commissions are added to the final cost. We provide top-quality equipment at reasonable prices, with all our units proudly built in San Antonio.


  1. 10 Years on Resin Tank
  2. 5 Years on Control Valve, Brine Tank
  3. 3 Years Labor & Resin
  4. 1 Year on Plumbing

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