30K Water Softener System for Home in San Antonio Texas

We choose the highest quality components in the industry to be assembled to make our water softeners to our specific specifications. Making our softener into one of the best, most reliable, economical to maintain softener you can own. Do your research on major components valve, tank and resin you will discover quality. Simple will save you money, and you will get better equipment, better installation, warranty, licensed and insured.  We will be happy to meet up with you or we will be happy to give all information and pricing over the phone. Do your research and discover high quality, great service today and in the future at the very best price.

The Unparalleled Benefits of the Simple 30K Water Softener System for Home


If you’ve ever battled with hard water, you’re well aware of the challenges it can present. From ruining your plumbing to leaving unsightly streaks on your dishes and glassware, the effects of hard water can be a nightmare. Enter the Simple 30K Water Softener – a remarkable solution for your hard water problems.

The 30K Water Softener System for Home is an innovative product designed to effectively soften your water and seamlessly fit into your home system. This unit stands out from the crowd due to its efficiency, ease of use, and unparalleled performance. Its compact size is deceiving; this water softener may be small, but it is mighty in delivering softened water for your everyday use.

A key feature to appreciate about the Simple 30K Water Softener is its capacity. This unit can handle up to 30,000 grains of hardness before needing regeneration, making it a perfect fit for small to medium-sized households. It effectively eliminates minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which are responsible for water hardness. This equates to softer water, which results in less scale build-up in your pipes and appliances, saving you potential costly repair bills down the line.

The Simple 30K Water Softener’s regeneration process is noteworthy. The system automatically regenerates based on water usage, meaning it only recharges when needed. This feature not only conserves water but also reduces salt usage, making it an eco-friendly and cost-efficient choice for homeowners.

When it comes to installation, the Simple 30K Water Softener doesn’t disappoint. Its compact design and straightforward installation process make it a favorite among homeowners. It easily fits into tight spaces and comes with a comprehensive manual that makes the setup process a breeze, even for those who are not particularly handy.

Another exceptional quality of the Simple 30K Water Softener is its longevity. This unit is built to last, offering high-quality components and a robust construction that withstands the test of time. Thousands of satisfied customers vouch for its durability and performance, often praising its dependability and the noticeable difference in their water quality.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, the Simple 30K Water Softener is a true champion. It’s competitively priced, and the savings you’ll make from reduced appliance repairs, lower detergent usage, and less energy consumption will make this investment worthwhile.

In conclusion, the Simple 30K Water Softener is a top-notch, efficient, and reliable solution to hard water problems. It’s a product that truly delivers on its promise, offering you softened water, reduced scale build-up, and significant savings in the long run. So, equip your home with the Simple 30K Water Softener and embrace the benefits of soft water today.

Simple 30K Water Softener System in San Antonio Texas

  • Not plumbed for Water Softener, we will make it Simple for you to get quality soft water for your family. Job sites quoted on an individual basis. Be happy to give you a approximate over phone before coming out to house.
  • Soft Water Hose Bib at softener $85.
  • Stainless Steel Jacket $135.
  • The water softener will remove the hardness from your water
  • Add A Whole House Filter to remove the chemicals from your water.
  • Add a Reverse Osmosis to get bottle quality water.
  • Decide what is right for your family.

The Best Simple 30K Water Softener System for Home

CLACK VALVE: High quality valve built in the U.S.A. Clack corporation originated in 1946 in Wisconsin has become a world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of water treatment products and components. Meter on demand system. Regenerates only when necessary. Low maintenance. Battery backup.  Solid state microprocessor. No proprietary on parts and almost every one in industry works on this valve. Economical system to maintain for twelve plus years www.clackcorp.com

ENPRESS TANK:  20% stronger than other tanks. One of the highest quality built for the water industry. Industry exclusive copolymer polypropylene formulation for the liner assembly that is far superior. Built in the U.S.A

1” Flow throughout valve. (GPM 27, drop PSI 15) exceeds industries requirements.
Resin: High quality 8% crosslink resin included. Can be upgraded to 10% resin for longer life.
(Do not like the slick feel of soft water ask us how 10% resin will help.)

We pledge to you to stand behind our equipment. Making it Simple for you to own a Simple Water Softener.  Any warranty work will be done at no cost to you with us taking care of all paperwork. Simple.


  • Simple: Call us get a price.
  • Do your research.
  • No sales commission on final price.
  • Lower prices better equipment.
  • Our units are assembled in San Antonio.



  • 10 Years on Resin Tank
  • 5 Years on Control Valve, Brine Tank
  • 3 Years Labor & Resin
  • 1 Year on Plumbing

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