What business owners say

about their cooperation with us:

Congratulations Abel the Waterman.!! You finally did it. The technician regarded as one of the best in San Antonio openeing his own company. I know with your ethics and drive you will do nothing but succeed. From myself and all the other technicians in San Antonio thank you for answering our questions and giving us advice when we need it when doing a repair.

Abel proud of you for taking the step to your own company. You are a water technician not just a installer like so many others. They may know how to hook up he pipes but you are among the few who know how they really work. Congratulations success is in your future.

Abel’s cousin led me to him to get a softener. At the price Abel quoted me I thought his cousins friends get a really good deal or it will turn out to be a cheap unit. Abel showed up to install. Top quality equipment and nothing but professionalism. No matter how much I would have paid for a unit the technician would not have done a better job than Abel. He was knowledgeable and took pride in his work. He explained everything to my wife and myself. Came back couple of weeks later checked on unit and again answered our questions.

My kids go to school with Abel’s boys. My wife wanted a water softener so we spoke to Abel. He quoted a price far different from any we had received from any other company. You could tell he was giving me nothing but honest information. I had him install and have never regretted my decision. Fantastic water softener never any problems, does exactly what Abel said it would. He comes and changes the reverse osmosis filters, checks on softener when ever we call him. I understand he is known as The Waterman and I can understand why.

Abel installed my softener 15 years ago. And because of Abel it is still working. I let no one else touch it. He changes my reverse osmosis filters and checks the softener. He has only been here a couple of times for the softener itself. Just a working machine. My kids will say when are you going to replace that thing. I tell them “Why it works great, Abel says it has a few more years

Yes I made up. Abel is getting real ones. Have to be careful, do not want Alamo to say he stole their customers. Abel repairs a lot of Culligans. He installed them. Culligan is notorious for after about 6 to 8 years telling people oh we are sorry we do not carry that model anymore it is discontinued, You will have to replace. When ever Abel replaces a unit for Alamo he keeps all the old Culligan parts so people call him and he repairs with used parts. New management at Alamo has just started saying everything gotten at a customers house HAS to be thrown away. Or it is considered stealing. Allen the owner knew Abel did it and did not care. He figured Abel was keeping the west sides softeners going and many probably could not afford a new system.