Why You Should Invest In A New Water Softener

Keep your water healthy and soft. Simple Water Softeners are an affordable and easy way to enjoy drinking water that tastes great every time. Contact our experts today to learn more! You’ve found a high quality water softener specialist! Our water softeners offer superior water softening performance and life expectancy while minimizing water waste, salt usage, and electricity consumption.


  • Purified Drinking Water – Simple water softeners work to remove all the calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese and other impurities in your water. This means you can use your water straight from the tap. No need to buy bottled water.
  • Smooth Soap – You will no longer need to cut up bars of soap because they won’t melt anymore when they are placed in a softener.
  • Enjoy A Cleaner Home – When it comes to building a cleaner home, nothing beats Simple Water Softeners. Our water softeners leave behind fewer detergents on the clothes and dishes, preventing a buildup of bacteria from developing.
  • Prevent Scratches On Appliances – You deserve peace of mind when it comes to your home appliances. Keep them running smoothly with a water softener from Simple! It’s our guarantee that your dishes will no longer come out with spots on them or experience issues like rusting.
  • Keep Away Odors – Fight away bad odors with Simple! A water softener will do wonders in getting rid of any lingering smells.
  • Dishes Come Out Cleaner – Let’s face it – dishes are pretty dirty after a cycle through a dishwasher. Luckily, a water softener system can clean those dishes up!
  • Goodbye Rusty Water – Exposure to too much hard water will eventually leave a rusty film on your dishes. Protect yourself from this unpleasant experience with a water softener system!
  • Reduce Your Utility Bills – Softeners reduce your utility bills which include electricity, water usage and salt usage.
  • Softeners Increase Home Value – Softener systems increase home value while providing a more comfortable feel through decreased dry skin and increased cleanliness.
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  • Home Filters For All Budgets – Get a water filter installed in your home today! We offer water filters that fit any budget or need. Find out what we can do for you!
  • Save On Utility Bills – Simple Filters offer up to 30% savings on a home’s water utility bills! (compared to competitor)
  • Quality and Guaranteed – When it comes to our products we stand behind them 100%. Our water filters are assembled right here in San Antonio from top quality components at an affordable price.
  • Large Variety – We offer a variety of water softeners to meet every need, from residential units designed to accommodate smaller households, or commercial units designed for large facilities. Size Available 30K-150K
  • Powerful – We offer high quality water softeners engineered with powerful motors and pumps designed to perform under demanding conditions.
  • Low Maintenance – Simple water softeners are built with ease of maintenance in mind; simple water softeners use gravity as a power source making repairs simple and inexpensive.
  • Financing Available with Approved Credit!
  • Not plumbed for Water Softener, we will make it Simple for you to get quality soft water for your family. Job sites quoted on an individual basis. Be happy to give you a approximate over phone before coming out to house.
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