Hardest Working Appliance in the House

21 Jan. 22

Hardest Working Appliance in the House

Do you know that a water softener is the hardest working appliance in the house?.  The water softener is the one appliance so many will try to go the economical way. But you know,  a water softener protects your biggest investment, your home. It protects everything that the hard water touches. The hot water heater is very much affected by hard water so, you can shorten the life span drastically.

Also, washing machine, dishwasher, ice maker, faucets, glass on the showers all effected by the hard water and not in a good sense, just costly. Your clothing, linens all fade quicker get stiff and dull so much quicker. All of these items are expensive to maintain or replace because of the effects of hard water.

Your hair and skin are dry even itchy from the hard water. Yet people will go to the big box store and it has a familiar name on it and purchase a water softener. Must be good. Remember San Antonio has some of the hardest water in the United States. There is a difference in how low cost water softeners work and higher quality work. So many will remember the $650.00 price tag to purchase yet forget the $450 install fee.

Quality water softeners give you 24 hour protection from the hard water. Quality softeners will last up to 4 to 5 times longer. When sized properly it will give you soft water to all the bathrooms and fixtures having the proper flow rate for your house. It will regenerate every 7 to 10 days at the most with some going further. Making it more efficient to maintain for salt and water usage over a long period of time. A higher quality system will save you so much in the long run.

Protect what you own from the hard water. At Simple Water Softeners we will give you the quality at a very affordable price. Call us today at (210) 960-2555.