15 Dec. 22

How To Know The Right Size For My Residental Water Softeners


The Best Water Softener is a Simple Water Softener. High quality with big savings. No salesman, no sales commission added to cost. We supply all information, you do a little research to discover it is a high quality water softener with expert installation. A softener with a warranty a phone call away.

When sizing a unit, you want it to regenerate no sooner than a week. You need to know the hardness of your water, number of people living in the house and the number of bathrooms will all play a factor in determining the size of the unit.

Water Softener size (Single Tanks) For Average households

Around 17 grains hard is used in calculation

30,000 known as 30K     1 to 2 people, up to two bathrooms

Would regenerate every 7 to 12 days Approximately.

45,000 known as 45K    2 to 4  people, up to two bathrooms

Would regenerate every  7 to 12 days Approximately

60,000 known as 60K    4 to 5 people (Approximately)

Would regenerate about every 7 to 9 days

After this size, we would have to get a few more questions answered about your family’s situation. There are other configurations we could use to make more efficient.

Simple Water Softener store can custom-build your family the best water softener and whole house filtration with significant savings to you. We use only high-quality parts in the industry to build our units. Our systems are built to last with low cost operating expense.

Clack valves (Made in the USA, No proprietorship on parts, can be worked on by anyone experienced in the water filtration industry.)

Enpress and Clack Tanks (Both Made in the USA)

Resin-High Grade 8% and 10%

Professional installation.

Want filtered water to every faucet? No more chlorine in your shower-on washed vegetables or when cooking, and none in the pet’s bowls. Whole house filtration added to the water softener is the answer.

Give us a call, we will be happy to give you as much information as possible on the phone. Or if you have time, come by the showroom, equipment is on display, and we will be happy to go over all your options.

Do not know Hardness, give us a call.


Number of people        +       Water Hardness    =   Total Grains

Living in House                                                          Removed Weekly

(This is an approximate calculator)


The formula would be a number of people multiply by 65 by hardness by eight equals total to be removed in a week. Simply an estimate.

Want formula to send to correct page for size. My Brandon says he can make formula in Excel.



Important Questions When Buying a Water Softener

3 Major Components. Valve, Tank, Resin

What kind of valve? We use Clack

Where is it made? USA has been in business since 1946. Major worldwide company.

Who works on it? Clack just about everyone.

Does it have proprietary parts? Clack no.

Tank is what kind? We use Enpress and Clack.

Where is tank made? USA

What grade of Resin? We use 8% and 10%  (higher the grade, longer it lasts.)

Who does install? A certified, experienced, and friendly technician will promptly install.

What kind of license do they have? Certified by the state of Texas as Class III water specialist.

Insured? Just give us a call, we take care of it. We have an office, you will know where to find us.

Install to code?