04 Nov. 17

Low Water Pressure

No water pressure in your house? Do you seem to have pressure a few days and then it is gone again?
First if you have a water softener put it on by-pass. Then check to see if you have normal pressure. If the pressure went back to normal, yes there is problems with the water softener. If the pressure did not get better call the water company.

A water softener has resin inside the tank. Resin is tiny little hard beads. When the resin has gone bad it gets more like the consistency of jelly and the water cannot get thru it, therefore you lose pressure. If the pressure is changing over days, the resin has probably started to go bad. The unit regenerates you have pressure a few days and then you lose pressure for a few days until unit regenerates again. Eventually the pressure will get to where it is very noticeable. By-pass water softener and schedule to get resin in the softener changed out.

If you have a high-quality softener you will not have a problem finding someone to do this. If you have a lower end unit, this is where you probably retire it.

If you experience sudden unusual low water pressure in your house recommend you call Lisa at (210) 960-2555 to discuss it over