04 Nov. 17

Simple Water Softeners

In San Antonio a water softener is a necessity not a luxury. San Antonio has some of the hardest water in the country. A water softener helps protect your largest investment, your home. Calcium adheres to all the pipes in the house, it will take time but it is inevitable it will happen.

The softener protects all your appliances that use water. Hot water heaters even drained and cleaned yearly will not last near as long as one with a softener before it. Refrigerators, washers, dishwashers even coffee makers are becoming very expensive in today’s market. Give them all a much longer life and fewer repairs with a water softener. A water softener makes you hair and skin feel so much better.

Everything will be easier to clean. Your shower glass will not build up the white hard film. Your glasses and dishes will look clean when you open up the dishwasher. Your laundry will be much softer and your clothes and linens will stay looking better longer.( A much happier wife!!)

For any more information on Simple Water Softeners, feel free to call Lisa at (210) 960-2555.