What does whole house filtration mean?

08 Jul. 20

What does whole house filtration mean?

A Whole House Filter removes the chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, and organics. It is a filter that works in conjunction with the water softener. It is a type of carbon filter.

Your refrigerator has a carbon filter on it, that is why the water from the refrigerator tastes better than the water from the tap. The carbon removes the chemicals and makes it filtered water therefore it tastes better.  For example a Brita filter is a carbon filter the water passes through, that is why it tastes better.

So, when you have a Whole House Filter the water at all faucets tastes like the water coming out of the refrigerator. But the other important thing is when you are in the shower, you are not breathing the chemicals into your lungs, and it is not on your skin. A Whole House Filter cleaner friendly water for your family.

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