10 Benefits of Having a Water Softener in San Antonio Texas

05 Feb. 22

7 Benefits of Having a Water Softener in San Antonio, Texas.

If you live in an area with hard water like San Antonio, Texas, using hard water to wash your clothes, bathe, or cook can leave you with build-up of soap residue and mineral deposits on your skin, hair, and clothing. A water softener can help you prevent this buildup, which is why water softeners are so common in areas with hard water and become even more popular during the cold winter months when everything seems to be covered in a layer of ice and snow! Here’s how a water softener helps with hard water from Hill Country Water Softeners of San Antonio, Texas.

7 Benefits of Having a Water Softener

1. Installing a Water Softener with a Whole House filter.

While most people think of hard water as being unsightly, it is actually more than just an annoyance. It can cause problems for your plumbing and your home in general. If you’re tired of dealing with hard water, there are solutions for it—and one of them is installing a whole-house water softener system. This system can make drinking healthier, better tasting water easy. Here’s how to get started

2. Saving Money on Your Electric Bill

While a little bit of hard water isn’t necessarily harmful, San Antonio and surrounding areas the hardness is too high. Without a water softener the calcium will build up quickly in your hot water heater. It will take about 24% more energy for your hot water heater to function. It will also shorten the life of the hot water heater greatly. You will void your warranty if you own a tank less in our area if you do not have a water softener.

3. Showering in Clean Chemical Free Water

The city adds chlorine, chloramine or chloride to your water to kill bacteria while it is in route to your house. There is also herbicides, pesticides, and organics in your water.  Water Softener will remove the hardness of the water by changing salt into sodium chloride, which removes excess minerals and chemicals from you shower water. Making soft water come into the house.

The Whole House Filter will remove the chlorine, chloramine, chloride, pesticides, herbicides and organics. About 80 contaminants from your water. This process ensures that you don’t have hard water or that you have the chemicals on your skin or in your lungs. Skin irritation for those sensitive to chemicals (e.g., eczema). A water softener and whole house will remove what is irritating your skin. Hardness that dries you out and the chemicals that are inflaming your condition. keeps you from scratching away at rashes.

4. Cleaner Laundry (Reduced Chlorine Stains)

One of the biggest issues caused by hard water is that it can leave behind mineral deposits in your laundry. These deposits make your whites look dingy and yellow, stiff and they will fade quicker. A water softener removes these excess minerals from your water supply, which helps your expensive clothing, linens etc. stay brighter, softer, and last longer.

5. Clearer Skin and Hair

With its drying effects, hard water can have an adverse effect on your skin and hair. People living in areas where there is hard water use up to twice as much shampoo and conditioner just to keep their hair looking good—not to mention regular visits to dermatologists because of skin issues related to hard water. With your new water softener, you’ll be able to finally get rid of those dull locks and dry patches on your face.

6. Reducing Mineral Build Up

The presence of mineral deposits in your home’s water can cause white residue to appear on shower glass, faucets, dishes and hard water stains in the toilettes. The minerals build up in all appliances that use water. Hot water heaters are very affected by hard water build up. (No water softener in San Antoni and surrounding areas you should drain hot water heater every six months). The washing machine, dishwashers, steam irons, and yes those expensive coffee pots without removing the excessive hard water minerals in San Antonio you are shortening the life of all. With a water softener the calcium and magnesium are removed from your household’s tap water supply. Everything in the house is protected.

7. Keeping Plumbing Pipes Free from White Deposits

Your hard water can be damaging to your pipes. If you have any white deposits on your showerhead, faucets or drain pipes, that’s an indication of how much sediment is building up in your water supply. Prevent these deposits by installing a water softener system; you’ll enjoy cleaner, clearer and more pleasing-to-the-eye water.

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