07 Oct. 18

Bottle Quality Water Or Filtered

What Is This Water?

Filtered or Reverse Osmosis

What is the difference in filtered water and reverse osmosis water.

Reverse Osmosis is bottle quality water. A point of use system, the water has gone through a four, five or six stage process. A sediment filter, one or two carbon filters, a polishing filter right before you dispense and most important a semipermeable membrane. They remove salts, minerals, and dissolved inorganic compounds.

Total dissolved solids have been reduced 96.5%. Arsenic V 97.8%, Cysts 99.99%, Fluoride 96.3%, and Lead 98.0%. This unit is installed under the kitchen sink and has a separate faucet for just Reverse Osmosis water. At some houses the refrigerator can be hooked up to the system also. You can use this water to rinse off food, cook with, give to the pets and have bottled quality water for your family.


Filtered water means it has gone through carbon. The water from your refrigerator is filtered. The filter you replace is a carbon filter. A filter pitcher the water is passing through a carbon filter. The carbon filter removes chlorine, taste, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odor. Making it much more appealing than regular tap.

Many people are adding the carbon filters which are referred to as whole house filters in conjunction with their water softeners. The city seems to be putting more and more chlorine into the water. The chlorine destroys the resin in the softener, but it also bothers some people a whole lot. One person in the family says it smells so bad and another in the family will say I smell nothing.  When using water from your kitchen sink faucet you are washing vegetables and cooking with the chlorine in the water. When giving the pets water they will be getting the chlorine. Your skin soaks up the chlorine when bathing, but in a hot shower you are breathing it into your lungs, which has been proven not good for you.   A whole house filter in conjunction with the water softener will reduce the chlorine levels tremendously if properly installed and maintained. Therefor the whole house filtration will give you filtered water out of every faucet.

When deciding what kind of water, you want your family to drink, you will have to do your own research and make the decisions for your family’s water quality. What you see best for your family someone else could have different opinions.

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