Save your hot water heater

26 Jun. 20

Do not pass out!!!

Do you live in San Antonio?. Save your hot water heater, the average replacement of a hot water heater is $2,000.

With the hard water in San Antonio (average is 18 GPG) you are shortening the life of your hot water heater by 30% if you don’t have water softener. If you have a hot water heater with a tank and have no water softener you should be draining the hot water heater every 6 months to maintain it to its optimal potential.

When scale builds up in the hot water heater it takes 30% more energy to heat the water. Your heating elements must work so much harder when they are caked in calcium.

If you have a tankless system, read your warranty, when your water is harder than 10 to 11 you void your warranty.

It’s best to have a qualified and trusted water softener professional help with your water softener needs and Simple Water Softeners Co. will gladly be of assistance. If you want more information please give us a call at (210) 960-2555 or email us at