20 Dec. 18

Have a soft, clean user-friendly water for your family in San Antonio with your whole house Filtration System Carbon Tanks.

If you want to substantially reduce or remove the disinfecting chemicals that water companies put in your water here in San Antonio we recommend you put a carbon tank before the softener. All municipal companies in San Antonio and south Texas adds Chlorine, Chloramine or Chlorite that are required by standards.

In the shower your skin absorbs the chlorine products while you are breathing them into your lungs. You are washing and cooking food, and giving pets water with chlorine products. So, for these reasons we suggest you put a carbon tank before the softener, we feel this is the correct way to substantially remove the disinfecting chemicals, odor and taste from your water to every faucet in your house.

Chloramines can be substantially or completely removed by upgrading carbon to catalytic carbon.  Simple Water Softeners installs a separate tank with one to one and a half cubic foot of carbon. Many companies will install a single 4” by 10” or 20” single carbon filter. Which you the home owner will have to change about every three months to have it functioning. The tank of carbon you will change the carbon about every two to three years.  The price to maintain will be close in cost, yet a whole lot less work for homeowner with the tank.

Unlike the individual carbon cartridges which can trap sediment and dirt causing pressure to drop the tank will not. They are available with an in- out valve which will filter the whole house. They can also be purchased with a W.S.1 valve to optimize the tank to its full capabilities. The media inside tank will be determined by the chemistry of your water. Chlorine is the number one thing that breaks down your resin, with the carbon removing the chlorine the resin life is extended.

Abel also believes having the carbon in a separate tank from the resin the overall cost of maintaining the unit will be cheaper in the long run, compared to a single unit tank with media combined. He has several other reasons why the double tank is his preference.  We will be happy to demonstrate at showroom and answer any questions you have regarding this. We encourage you to research and ask questions, so you can determine what chemistry of water you want for your family and then we will be there to help you get it. If your limited-on space we do carry the dual media tanks, check out our Premier Units.

If you want more information about how carbon tank can help your water please give us a call at (210) 960-2555 or email us at lisa@simplewatersofteners.com.

Whole House Filtration System Carbon Tanks