04 Sep. 18

How Hard Water Affects San Antonio Homes

Having a water softener is a necessity living in San Antonio if you want to protect your home’s value. Dealing with untreated hard water can be damaging for not only your home, but for your wallet too.

Effects of hard water in San AntonioSan Antonio and other surrounding cities such as Helotes, Shavano Park, Bulverde, New Braunfels and Castroville, have some of the hardest water in the country and if you don’t own a water softener you will clearly see the effects. You will begin to notice Buildup around your shower and sink, dishes being covered in white film, and your skin and hair feeling dry. Over time, Untreated hard water can create a lot of damage to your home that goes unnoticed until it becomes a problem.

Hard water can create serious issues for your plumbing and any appliance that uses water. Your hot water heater will become less efficient and will have to maintained much more frequently. Appliances will also age much more quickly and have to be repaired or replaced much sooner.

Your home is biggest investment and you should protect it. Save time, stress, and money by getting a water softener system installed to your home.

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