Is Your Pet's Water Safe?

14 Sep. 22

Is Your Pet’s Water Safe?

Your pets know water. Let’s face it, their nose is better than yours. Pets will drink the water from your tap if you give it to them, they need water. But do they like it. Ask yourself, do you like it? Probably not. Just as hard water will not hurt a human, it does not hurt your pet. But just like you, if your pet liked their water, they would drink more water. And we all know the more water we drink, the healthier we are. Not many of us drink enough water. But if you like the water you are drinking, you will find you will drink more. Our fur babies will feel the same way.

How do we make it to where our pets will like their water?

First, if we add a whole house filter, they will. This will remove the chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, and organics. The chlorine is the big thing, the bad smell is gone.  Pets love Reverse Osmosis water. This is the next level up, reverse osmosis is bottle quality water. Same process as Dasani, Aquafina, Smart this water goes through a membrane filtering out 97.5% of everything.


Why Filtered Water Is Better

Filtered water also protects your pet from hazardous bacterial contamination such as giardia and cryptosporidium which can be present in poorly treated tap water. Overall, filtered water for pets will not only keep them healthy but provide them with clean, refreshing drinking water.

Just remember water is healthy for your pet, so Simple Water Softeners can come up with a solution for it. For more information about our Water Filtration please call Lisa at (210) 960-2555.