Clack By-pass Valve

16 Jul. 20

Know how to By-pass your Water Softener

It is important to know how to by-pass your water softener and everybody should know this. There are several different by-pass valves. Some you must push something, others you turn knobs. It is very important for you to figure this out before you have an emergency and realize you do not know how to do it. 

The Clack valve comes with a high quality easy to use by-pass, two red handles on the back of unit.

  • When they are straight with the lines they are in service.


Water Softener unit in service

Unit in service

  • When they are sideways with the lines it is on by-pass.


Water Softener on by-pass

Unit on by-pass

The red handles have a more pointy end to the handles, so when they are pointing towards each other the unit is by-passed. When unit is by-passed, the water is no longer going through the system and the water is coming straight from the meter. So, if you have any issues with the water softener you can by-pass it.

If you have a white by-pass you are to push in the by-pass. Others have a solid black one with two dials, you turn  both a quarter turn and it will by-pass. The units will say by-pass and arrow will dedicate direction to turn.

If you want to know more about Water Softener By-pass, don’t hesitate to contact us at Simple Water Softeners. You can call Lisa (210) 960 2555.