27 Dec. 18

Important Things to Consider When Looking For A New Water Softener.

When purchasing a new Water Softener here in San Antonio you have to look not only in price but on the system components. Here you will find some tips to ask before you buy your new water softener.

  • The Valve.  Who makes it? Where is it made? Who works on it? One specific company, multiple companies? Does it have proprietary parts? Are parts available? Who do I call for service? The warranty is? Remember the units from the big box stores are considered disposable units. Something goes wrong you dispose of and start over.
  • The Tank. Again who makes it? Where is it made? Warranty? If it has dual media separated by a plate is the plate under warranty? What kind of distributor does it have? Can it be replaced?
  • The Resin. There is different grades of resin. Higher the number, better it will tolerate chlorine you will get more life out of it. Cheaper resin is 5%, there is 8% which is standard for most companies. 10% is the better one.


These are the three major components of a water softener. Get high quality parts and a water softener should last 12 to 15 years. Softeners will need some maintenance along the way. The valve will need new pistons, seals and spacers or a spacer stack. That is why it is so important to know if proprietary parts because your options will be limited for service. Getting a valve off internet be sure some one in your area works on it and can get parts. Advertisements make a product look fantastic. Research it. Call around where you live I have a X valve seven years old can you work on? The sale of a Clack valve is prohibited on the internet. Clack valves must be purchased through a local dealer.  Buying from an authorized dealer you will be insured you are getting what you think you are getting. This rule applies to a lot on the internet in general.  The big box store softeners are considered disposable units when some thing goes wrong.

Resin will need to be changed. The amount of chlorine in your water will play a big factor in the time frame. Find out an approximate cost for this.

Simple Water Softeners uses only high-quality parts of world known companies in their specific industry. We order our softeners to Abel’s exact specifications. After working on them 22 years he has his opinion in what works and what does not. Our units are assembled here in San Antonio.

Come on over to showroom or give Simple a call, we will be happy to go over everything with you.

For any assistance with selecting a new Water Softener call us on (210) 960-2555