07 Dec. 18

One of the most important appliance in your San Antonio home a Water Softener.

Insurance we all have it, health, auto, home, car so be sure to have it for all the appliances that use water in your house and everything that the water touches in your house. In San Antonio and surrounding areas, a home without a softener will suffer the ugly consequences. A Softener is one of the most important appliances you will own. A water softener is the insurance policy for everything dealing with water in your house.

A water softener protects the plumbing in your house. Keeps the pipes from becoming full of limestone.
The first appliance the water softener protects is the hot water heater. An average cost for a hot water heater is $1800 not to mention you may end up with a cold shower. Have no softener with the water as hard as it is in San Antonio you will need to drain your hot water heater twice a year. If you have a tankless read your warranty. Most companies void your warranty if the water is more than 10.5 grains hard if there is no softener. Your hot water heater uses approximately 25% more electricity when there is no softener.
The expensive appliances we all buy today. The upgraded washing machines, the refrigerators, dishwashers, coffee machines and steam machines all have a longer life with a softener. Work more efficiently.

The spa like bathrooms with the expensive faucets, shower doors, upgraded vanities keep their spa quality looks.  Clothes, linens, and towels are expensive. You can keep them looking newer brighter and softer for a longer time period. With the softener protecting so much buy a quality softener from Simple. Give us a call protect and preserve what you have worked so hard for.

Hair, skin and laundry are so much better with a softener. The kids will have bubbles and more bubbles. And there is significant savings in soaps and cleaning products.

So many people I guess because the softener is usually in the garage or out of site will buy a low-grade softener. Something that works intermittently. People think because the unit is using salt it is working. Not always true. Buy a softener that has quality parts and you will be problem free for many years. Softeners with quality parts can be repaired. Quality softeners set up correctly and sized properly will be much more cost efficient over the years.

At Simple Water Softeners we feel everyone in San Antonio and surrounding areas should have a quality softener. With the substantial savings we offer our customers we are making our systems the most affordable water softener in San Antonio.

If you want more information about water softeners and Simple Water Softeners products please give us a call at (210) 960-2555 or email us at lisa@simplewatersofteners.com.