09 Oct. 23

Optimizing Your Reverse Osmosis System for Better Water Output

Having a reverse osmosis (RO) system at home ensures that you receive clean and high-quality water. But if you notice a decline in water output, it might be due to a few common issues. Here are some steps to help you optimize the performance of your RO system:

1. Replace the Filters Regularly:

Every RO system comes with filters that need regular replacement. Familiarize yourself with the brand and model you have and make sure to follow the recommended replacement schedule. By doing this, you can ensure continuous and optimal water flow.


2. Don’t Forget the Membrane, if You Have an Older Model:

The membrane in an RO system is crucial for water purification. It’s responsible for removing up to 97.6% of contaminants, giving you bottled-quality water. While other filters target chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, and organic materials, the membrane ensures overall water purity. Generally, membranes are replaced every three to four years, but it’s easy to forget. Check yours and replace it if necessary. TDS count will tell you when it is necessary.


3. Ensure Proper Air Pressure in the Tank:

The water storage tank of your RO system contains a bladder that holds the purified water. This bladder needs the right amount of air pressure to release water effectively. Without adequate air pressure, you might find your system dispensing less water than expected – sometimes just half a pot before stopping.

To remedy this:

  • Locate the Air Valve: It’s similar to the one you see on bicycle tires.
  • Empty the Tank: Before adjusting the pressure, ensure that the tank is empty.
  • Use a Bicycle Pump: Gently add air, usually around 6 to 8 lbs. It might take around half a pump, but be cautious. Overfilling can damage the bladder and render the tank useless.

For a visual guide, there are numerous informative videos on YouTube that detail the process.

If you need further clarification on optimizing your RO system or have other related questions, we at Simple Water Softeners are here to assist you. Contact us at (210) 960-2555 or through our contact form. Your access to clean water is our priority.