22 Sep. 17

Do you really need a salesman to come to your house to determine what you need for a water softener?

Do you really need a salesman to come to your house to determine what you need for a water softener? The answer is yes and no. A educated water softener company will already know the approximate hardness of your water. Every time a company installs a softener they test the water.

Usually you can tell a company your zip code and they will know close what the water in your area is testing. They need this information to determine what size you need. The same size water softener for a family of three may work in one area but not in another area due to the hardness of the water.

If your house is pre-plumbed for a water softener with a few basic questions most determining factors can be worked out without the salesman seeing the sight. This is possible as long as the technician installing the water is truly qualified and experienced to do the install. A lot of times the salesman is giving the technician detailed information how to install because that technician actually has very little experience.

If a house is not pre-plumbed for a softener before a crew arrives yes someone will have to do a site inspection. This will determine the final cost of the installation. The size of unit and an approximate cost should be able to be given before anyone comes out. This way before you have spent an hour or more of your time with a salesman only to find out it is not in your budget.

Salesman want to get in front of you, up close and personal to sale you something. At Simple Water Softeners, we want to educate on water filtration, let you do your research to determine what you want for your family and save you money in the process. The high quality of our systems and with you getting salesman’s commission deducted from price we believe will speak for itself.   If you like our product and want to install it in your house for your family then we will go to the next step on how to install in your house.

If you need a salesman to come over to your house and help you select the right water softener call Lisa at (210) 960-2555.