Salt or Potassium Water Softeners

27 Oct. 20

Salt or Potassium?

This is a common question, all water softeners will work off either one. Salt and potassium used to be close in cost but that is not the case anymore. There is a large price difference in them anymore for example Salt prices is average $6 and Potassium is $23. Water Softener system will use the same amount with salt or potassium so most people use salt.

People who are on very low sodium diets need to contact their doctor to find out what is best for them. If it is too much sodium for their health, then the option is to have a reverse osmosis system that will remove 97.5% of the sodium in the water. It is more economical to maintain the reverse osmosis than regenerating with potassium. Most people on city water with city sewage do use salt on the other hand Potassium will help our environment.

People who have septic tanks may also consider using potassium. Look into where the drain is going from the water softener. Some builders will drain to the ground somewhere. Other builders drain to the septic tank. Newer septic tanks have a fourth chamber just for the water softener. If it is lateral find out where the lateral lines are.

High content of sodium is not good for vegetation. If you have an aerobic system that will be spaying out from your septic to protect your vegetation and some trees you may consider using potassium. You have to try and see what works for you. Some people who have a large area will consider using salt and drain the water softener off to a specific area and make a rock garden where they can contain the salt in one specific area. Talk to your septic tank people and discuss your options. It seems there is no set rules each septic tank company will have their own views.

This will be decisions you will need to make for yourself each situation will bring its own special issues. 

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