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05 Nov. 18

Tankless Hot Water Heaters

In this blog post we want to talk a little bit about tankless hot water heaters in San Antonio, Texas area.

  • Did you get a tankless hot water heater in your new house?
  • Thinking about putting one in?
  • Live in San Antonio or surrounding area?.

Before installing a Tankless hot water heaters, we suggest putting a water softener in to help protect your new investment. Tankless water heaters are expensive and special care must be taken to protect them. San Antonio and surrounding areas have some of the hardest water in the United States. The average is 17.5 GPG hard and this is a lot.

Water Levels of Hardness

Limescale build up has bad effects on a tankless hot water heater. Even a small amount of limescale will affect how it operates, costing you more money to operate and will significantly shorten the life of the unit. Many company’s warranties state if water hardness is beyond 10.5 you must have a water softener. Please read your warranty. Without a softener you will need to clean the hot water heater several times a year, with a softener about every three to four years.

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