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22 Jul. 22

Water Filtration

Water softener will remove the calcium and magnesium from the water. Make it to where you have soft water coming into the house. To remove the hardness prior to coming into the house it will have to be a salt based system.

Water conditioner. Many call this a salt free water softener but it is not a water softener. This unit adds chemicals to your water and it helps it from sticking to pipes and water heaters. But if your water is 18 grains hard it will still be 18 grains hard coming out of the shower head, into the dishwasher and laundry. If your water is less than 6 you can consider.

Whole House Filters are to remove chemicals from your water. Carbon can substantially remove a vast amount. Whole house filters are carbon based and come many different ways. Size will matter for the flow rate it is to be working on. Smaller individual filters will be used on reverse osmosis. It will take larger filters in a actual tank to do a household. There is different types of carbon for different types of disinfecting chemicals the cities use. Carbon does need to be maintained to work properly.

Media Filters. These filters are your primary filter to trap debris and other solid material. This woven filter is similar to an air filter for your furnace. A media filter, which is similar to a window screen that prevents leaves from getting into your home through the windows, is your first line defense against dirty water.

Reverse Osmosis Filters. RO filters can be used to purify water from the tap and are placed under the kitchen sink. Same process the bottle water companies use. Just shrunk up and put under the sink with additional faucet to get the water. These filters block more contaminants, such as lead and VOCs.  Simple Water Softeners system has 6 stages of filtration.

Iron Breaker. Different medias remove different things. Sulphur, Nitrates or iron.

No matter what your issues are with your water, Simple Water Softeners can come up with a solution for it. For more information about our Water Filtration please call Lisa at (210) 960-2555.