Know the Difference Between Water Softener or Water Conditioner?

07 Oct. 19

Water Softener or Water Conditioner?

There is a difference, a big difference. Be sure you know what you are buying. The big question is “Does it soften the water“?  The biggest difference is a water softener will soften the water and a water conditioner will keep it from sticking to the pipes. Do not be fooled by the name, both types will be called a water softener.

Do some research and ask questions like, will this bring my water down below three grains of hardness?.  In San Antonio the average hardness is around 18 grains per gallon. It makes a mess of your house with the white film, dries your skin out, bad hair days and you cannot put enough of a product in dishwasher.

A water softener that uses salt truly softens the water, your water will go from 18 to around a 1. All the water inside the house is soft, only a tiny bit if any of the calcium is in the house, this is called an ion exchange unit. Yes, you carry the salt but you have soft water!!!. Only soft water comes into the house and the issues of hard water are gone.

A water conditioner adds chemicals to your water and changes the molecular structure of the water. It makes it to where it will not adhere to the pipes and plumbing. But if you have 18 grain hard water you will still have 18 grain hard water coming out of every faucet in the house. It will come out of the shower head, into the dishwasher, laundry everywhere, it does not soften the water. When 18 grain hard water dries it still makes a film your hair and skin still have the hard water.

Advertisements are done by professionals to attract you to their product, so make sure you research a little deeper get the truth before you get a water conditioner. We at Simple Water Softeners in San Antonio encourage the ion-exchange units for our area. We feel this gives our customer the results they are truly looking for a Simple Soft Water.

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