06 May. 19

Water Softener that uses salt or the salt-less system.

You read about both and it sounds like why am I carrying those bags of salt?

Be careful do your research completely and do not stop at what you want to hear, first let’s explain how they work.

A softener that uses salt has an ion exchange process, this means as the water passes through the resin one calcium ion is exchanged for one sodium. The calcium sticks to the resin bead and does not enter your plumbing coming into your house.

When the resin beads are coated in calcium and can no longer hold any more calcium the unit goes into regeneration. This is when the unit pulls the brine water into the water softener, the brine water makes it to where the calcium lets go of the resin bead and is washed down the drain beside the softener to where only soft water has come into your house.

Usually a water softener will bring 20 grains per gallon the average in San Antonio down to a 1 or less per grain entering your house. Only soft water water enters into your house. During regeneration the resin beads are cleaned and should be able to go about a week before this process happens again usually in the middle of the night around 2 A.M.

A salt less system first is not a water softener, it is a water conditioner and it conditions the water, so the calcium and magnesium will not stick to your pipes it will help protect the plumbing in your house, the plumbing referring to your pipes. So, you must understand the calcium is coming into your house and the water coming into your house is not soft, it is hard water.

The calcium is in the water droplets and when they dry the white calcium is on the shower doors, the dishes in dishwasher, your hair and your laundry.  You have 20 grains per gallon hard coming into your house so, you will have 20 grains hard coming out of that shower head, into the dishwasher, washing machine, all the faucets. The reviews on these units are so good if you lived where the water is only 6 to 8 grains hard you might be able to write a descent review for it, but we live in San Antonio where we have some of the hardest water in the United States. Many areas of San Antonio are above 20 grains per gallon hard.

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