What is in your water softener

12 Oct. 22

What is in your water softener?

You need to know what is in your water softener. It all sounds good when you buy it but years down the line when you need work done to it, you do not remember what is in there. What type of media and what quantity of each is very important.

Once media has been mixed together and years later when someone opens it up they can only guess what all is in there. At Simple Water Softeners, we do not mix media. We feel the correct way is to put different media in a different tank. Medias, resin, carbon, KDF it all has different life spans. So when mixing together in a single tank you cannot change out the different medias as they actually expire. Most people will end up waiting for the resin to go bad and then replace everything. But the carbon expired four to six years prior to that. Know how much media of each and the life span. It does no good to have something that will only last 6 months, yet you change in 8 years.  Just as anything, there is a vast number of brands with all different levels of quality. 

If you have an iron breaker, it is very important to know what media you have in the tank. People will get a new well and run an extensive water analysis. The equipment is set up for the results. But again years later, probably 10 to 12 the media needs to exchanged out for new. The majority of houses just need the basic media, but if yours has something special, unless you run a new water analysis you may not get the correct replacement. So, know what was put into your tanks.

Take care of your water softener is to take care of your loved ones, so call the experts for a consultation about your water softener media. Don’t hesitate! Call us now at (210) 960-2555 or email us at lisa@simplewatersofteners.com