What Kind of water should my pet drink?

16 Jul. 19

What kind of water do you give your Pets?

Our pets, our loved ones. Where do you get the water from they are drinking? Do you just get it from the tap at the kitchen sink? Do you drink the water from the tap? If you do not like the water, then your pet probably does not really enjoy either. He is just thirsty and has no option. The municipal water facilities are adding more and more chlorination systems or even chloramines to our water, making it taste and smell.

The chlorine and chloramines being added are very necessary but like everything else there is adverse health risks to it also.


A Water Softener will Substantially lower or remove chlorine completely from your water. Filtered water from every faucet and water outlet in your house will give your pets water from the tap and they would be getting a cleaner healthier water.

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