How Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems Work

06 Aug. 20

Whole House Filter

Whole house filter can work very effectively to remove the disinfecting chemicals the municipal water facilities put in your water to get it to your house. Whole house filters substantially remove chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, and organics. They can remove chloramine if the proper type of carbon is used. You can find out what chemicals are used by contacting your water supplier and asking. 

Whole house filters come in different styles, a lot of water softener companies will put what they call a big blue filter. It is a filter housing holding a single carbon filter which you will need to change from anywhere to once a month or once every three months. Put all in one tank, the water softener, and the carbon, then you need to know how it is in the tank. Is it all just mixed up together? Is there a plate, dividing it? How it is in there will make a difference. If there is a plate you can change the carbon. How much carbon you have in there will determine how often, yearly or every other year.

At Simple we do not believe it should be mixed at all with the resin since you would have to change all media, resin and carbon completely. No carbon will last as long as your resin will last, taking out a portion and replacing with new still leaves the nasty in with the good. Also, we prefer the Whole House Filter to be in a separate tank. This is because we feel over a long period of time it will be lower maintenance cost. The media can be changed every two to three years and it gives you the capability to by-pass. Yes, you can by-pass and you will still have soft water. It gives you the choice to have chlorine run through the lines of house if you desire. Also gives you the opportunity to by-pass when it comes time to change, until you have time to do the service.

The most important thing to a whole house filter is to maintain it. Carbon is like a sponge, it gets dirty over time and it needs to be changed, or you will be getting worse water instead of better water. Remember your family deserves the best.

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