Whole House Filtration

07 Jul. 22

Whole House Filtration

Whole House is filtration that removes the chemicals from your water. A water softener will remove the calcium and the magnesium. The whole house filter will remove chlorine, herbicides, pesticides and organics.  Basically bringing your water to a more pure form of just water!

The municipal water companies have to put something in your water to get it from the water source to your house to keep away any bacteria. Some use chlorine, others will use chloramine. If your water company uses chlorine they will probably continue to use chlorine. It is a very big issue to switch from chlorine to chloramine.

Some places use chloramine when they have longer runs of pipes to get through. Chlorine will dissipate. Chloramine does not. Granular activated carbon will remove chlorine. If you have chloramine it will take an upgraded catalytic carbon to remove the chemicals. Catalytic carbon will break apart the chlorine and ammonia and then remove. You can look at your water quality report and see what is used for disinfection.

Carbon is pretty amazing for the properties to remove chemicals, bad taste and odor.  Carbon is believed to remove between 60 to 80 chemicals and reducing 52 others. Carbon also removes THMs (by-products from chlorine) According to the EPA it removes 32 most common chlorine by-products.

Carbon does not remove everything but is very good solution for reducing or removing a lot of potential hazardous materials.

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