Why is a Water Softener important in San Antonio and Hill Country Texas.

06 Sep. 22

Why is a Water Softener important in San Antonio and Hill Country Texas.

If you’re a resident of San Antonio and Hill Country Texas, there’s a good chance you’re experiencing the chalky marks on your dishware after washing, and minerals that are crusty and keep your countertops and faucets from appearing sparkling clean.

The water from the underground source is filtered through limestone and has significant amounts of dissolved minerals, typically magnesium and calcium when it is pumped out of the ground. The mineral content is commonly known as water hardness. The San Antonio area has one of the highest hardness levels in the United States. So, if you reside in this region of Texas and don’t have a water softener for your water there is probably hard water that is flowing through the pipes in your house.

The fact that your home has hard water, does it suggest you require a softener for your water? In the end, water that is hard is safe to bathe and drink in. If you’re willing to deal with the additional scrubbing required to keep your home clean, dull hair, stiff laundry it is possible to be content without the use of a water softener?

The problems caused by hard water can eventually turn expensive. Hard water may cause the formation of limescale in your pipes, which could cause corrosion, and ultimately the need for expensive repairs. Additionally, this accumulation of scaly deposits can make your water heater and other water-related appliances to use 20% more power more than if they have properly conditioned water. This can cause the premature breakdown of your appliances. Water heaters, coffee pots, faucets, ice makers, toilets Our highly trained experts will assess the hardness of your water and offer the highest quality, long-lasting systems for water filtration that can give you constant protection against the harm of hard water. 

Here’s the list of things to think about water softening for water treatment

  1. Conserves the plumbing systems. If hard water is not treated and the pipes get hard scale build up causes lack in water pressure to deterioration of the pipes. Water softeners will protect the pipes within your home. 
  2. Saving time cleaning. Your time is valuable. Use half the cleaning products. Everything stays newer and cleaner looking without all the elbow grease.
  3. Hot water heaters use 20% less energy to heat the water and they will last twice as long.
  4. Soft Water is better for everything the water touches.
  • Your skin and hair will feel so much better.
  • Coffee pots are not disposable every six months.  
  • Shower heads do not have the crusty white that you cannot get off.
  • Shower glass stays looking clear.
  • Toilets do not have white ring inside you fight to get rid of.

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